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Frequently Asked Questions

I want music at my wedding, but I'm not sure what.

The harp is an elegant and hugely versatile instrument; please see my repertoire list for a sample of what is possible, but don't be afraid to ask for anything not on the list- I'm an accomplished arranger of music and regularly expand my repertoire through special requests for weddings. 

I'm also happy to advise couples on music choices; I encourage couples to choose a set-list that creates a personal touch for their wedding day, be it a special song, or a particular genre that helps define who they are. For those still struggling, I can point them to more traditional wedding pieces- there's something to suit everyone and every setting.


Please note that religious music is not permitted at civil ceremonies. Whilst this includes a blanket ban on all sacred music such as hymns, different local authorities have different interpretations on what "religious music" entails (I have had one local authority accept songs that another one has denied). Some local authorities require music choices to be submitted for approval beforehand for this reason. If in doubt, please ensure you check your ceremony music with your registrar in plenty of time, even if the local authority does not require this.

I own both a concert (pedal) harp and a lever harp. The concert harp is much larger and grander, whilst the lever harp is primarily a folk instrument (though it can do so much more!) with a smaller though no less beautiful sound.

The most common points in the ceremony that require music are:

  • Background music (guests arriving and leaving)

  • Processional (bride's entry)

  • Signing of the register

  • Recessional (couple's exit)


Other points at which you may wish for music are:

  • Handfasting, ring warming, or other similar ceremony

  • Any other procession that may happen (such as family members)

  • Cocktail/ drinks reception after ceremony

  • Background music during the wedding breakfast

How much space does a harp need?

Much less than you'd think, around 4 feet square for the concert harp and even less for my lever harp.

We want a piece/ song that's not on your list. Would you play it?

Of course! I love arranging and discovering new music; however, please note that I unfortunately cannot accommodate special requests for last-minute bookings. As a general rule of thumb, I ask for two months' notice for special requests.

Will you play outside?

Yes, but the harp will require a flat, dry surface protected from the elements (this includes direct sunlight). In the event of inclement weather, there should be a back-up venue in place.

How do I book?

Bookings can be made by using the contact form. Please include as much detail as you can, including date, location, performance requirements (i.e. when during the day you want me to play), and any particular song requests. If you need advice for music choices let me know, and I'll be more than happy to help.

How loud is the harp?

The sound of the concert harp carries well both inside and out, though very large guest lists and/ or noisy venues may require some amplification; please let me know if you have any concerns regarding this. The lever harp is much smaller, and still carries well indoors, although it is generally suited to more intimate settings.

How much?

This depends somewhat on your requirements, so it is best to speak to me directly for a quote. As a guide, costs start from £275 for the wedding ceremony; this includes background music as guests enter and leave the venue, and music for the ceremony itself; extra costs may be charged for mileage depending on location. I will advise you of these in my quote. Background music for receptions/ meals are charged in two ways, either as a single booking, or an add-on to the main ceremony, depending on your original booking request. Receptions alone start from £250.

We have a special theme/ colour palette for our wedding. Will you match this?

Absolutely, just let me know what is required.

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